Assoc Prof David Austin

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Bailey Austin Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based consultancy specialising in the creation of value, both for emerging and established organisations. The practice is headed by David Austin. David is an Associate Professor at the Melbourne Business School, lecturer to Melbourne University School of Engineering and is Managing Director of Bailey Austin Strategic Innovation Partners Pty Ltd.

David has focused on the creation of a number of businesses, predominantly in the technology sector. In 2003 David was invited to co present the Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation course at the Melbourne Business School, becoming the lead presenter in 2008.

David has a passion for teaching, and for guiding emerging businesses to success. In addition, David operates a private consultancy serving a diverse range of clients including Engineering Consulting, Banking, Investment, Insurance, Petrochemicals, Legal and ICT. David’s recent lecture series is available in blog form at Here. His LinkedIn profile can be found at Here. David’s university profile can be found at Here. And you may be interested in his most recent initiative